The Impossible Quiz Play Online + Download APK For Android

Solving puzzles are known to make our brain active and improve the consciousness if you play puzzle or mind challenging games in the morning every day, you will feel the difference in your brain activity, as it gets more logical and innovative. The Impossible Quiz is one such mind challenging game that can improve the innovative power of your brain. Here you can learn more about the game and Play the impossible quiz online, we have also provided the download link to the latest version of The impossible quiz APK file which you can install on your Android phone.

Play The Impossible Quiz Online

Note: Enable Flash, to start playing the Game.

About the Impossible Quiz

When we hear the name quiz, we all get nervous and start memorising the dates and names of people from history, but this game is quite different from them all. All the questions are tricky and a puzzle involved and you need to think and select the correct option based on your wit to successfully complete the levels. You are given with 3 lives which means you can give 3 wrong answers and still continue the game but after that, you don’t get a second chance. The impossible quiz is proved to be a great exercise for your mind and can polish your wit and humour in a great way.

Download The Impossible Quiz APK

If you want to Play The impossible quiz game offline, you can easily do it by downloading the game for your android phone and start playing anytime you want without the need for internet connectivity. Click on the Download link below to start downloading The Impossible Quiz APK file, Once its downloaded all you need to do is open the file in your phone and click on Install button and wait for the installation to complete. Make sure you have “Unknown sources” option enabled in your Android security settings before trying to install the APK file.

The Impossible Quiz APK Download

The Impossible Quiz FAQs

The Impossible Quiz

Q. How many levels are there in the Impossible Quiz?

Ans: In total there are 110 levels in the game, after completing which the game ends and you get the Congrats message, if you have completed all the levels you can be proud of your brain, that cracked all the impossible questions.

Q. Can I skip Any level? What to do if I can’t find the answer to a level?

Ans: No, there is no way to Skip any of the levels. You are given with 3 lives which you can use to find the answer to the question by trial and error method. If you are desperate to know the answers, you can also google for The Impossible Quiz Solutions, and find answers to all the questions with the logic behind it.

Q. What are some similar games?

Ans. If you like playing mind training games, one the best game is Geometry Dash which makes your concentration power better.