How to play Geometry Dash on your Television?

Geometry Dash is one of the most played the flash game in 2019 and people love playing it on their Android phones and PC, but have you ever thought how fun it would be to play on the big screens of your Television? Yes, It is fun to watch our favorite game on television and control it on your Android Phone while the game will be shown on television in real time.

Play Geometry dash on Television

Tutorial To Cast Geometry Dash on TV

To play Geometry Dash on television you opt any of the following options:

Method 1: Through HDMI cable: You must have an HDMI cable with you and a Laptop or tablet that supports HDMI cable. If yes, the first download Geometry Dash for your Laptop or Open the Geometry dash online and connect your laptop to your TV through HDMI cable and now you will be watching your game on TV without any lag, you can play while watching the character on TV.

Method 2: Using Chromecast: Chromecast is a Device that is connected to your TV through the USB port and it can act as a signal receiver and it can also connect to your WIfi, In chromecast you can connect to the Android Phones that are connected to the same Wifi, once you establish the connection you can start mirroring your Android phone on your Television in HD quality. Start playing the game and watch it on your TV wirelessly.

Method 3: Using Android TV: For using this method you must be having a TV with the Android Operating System installed, on it you can download the Geometry Dash APK file given here and install it like you do on your Android mobile phone, once it gets installed you can play Geometry Dash on your television using your TV Remote.


Hope You got some real knowledge and you will enjoy playing Geometry Dash on your Television, An share pictures with your friends and be the cool guy. For more Information on Geometry Dash keep visiting our Blog regularly.