Jungle Runner Game Play Online For Free

Are you an online gamer constantly in search of a new interesting game to play online and spend your free time? here you can play the Jungle Runner online for free without any charges. first, make sure you enable the flash for our website and click on the arrow to start playing the game.

Jungle Runner Controls:

  • Click/tap on the screen to make the Jungle Runner jump.
  • Click and drag down/swipe down to make the Jungle Runner come down.
  • Click and drag towards the right to make the Jungle runner roll on the floor.

About Jungle Runner

Jungle runner

Jungle Runner is an online game which is a never-ending running game but not like temple run, the game is divided into levels and each increasing level increases the difficulty to complete them. The main character is a funny fox that runs through the jungle, and each level has a different backdrop of the jungle which is refreshing to watch, and while running it comes across many obstacles like fallen trees, burning trees etc and you have to make the Jungle runner dodge all of them and keep running to complete the level successfully. On the way of the run, you will also find caged birds, which you have to free to get additional upgrades and extra points to buy powers in the market. Jump over the cage to open the cage and let the bird fly away.

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