Play Geometry Dash 2.2 Online

Instructions to Play Geometry Dash Online

To start playing Geometry dash online, click on the Green flag button on the above game screen, and you can stop the game any time by clicking the Red button. 

Geometry Dash Online Controls

● JUMP: [Space], [W], [Up], [Ctrl] or clicking the mouse
● PAUSE: [P] is to pause.
● LAG: [L] to toggle the special effects
● Restart: [Green Flag]

Game Description

Geometry Dash is one of the most played online game in 2019, you have to jump and dodge the danger on your way to keep going and adding to your score. The main goal behind this rhythm based game is to achieve a higher score than your friends. Once you start playing geometry dash, you will be screaming in frustration and thrill you get while jumping over the obstacles. Write your views about this game in comments section below.

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